5 Reasons to Book a Budget Airline to Asia

5 reasons to book a budget airline to asiaIf you are departing from Australia, especially Western Australia, then it would just be criminal not to book with a budget airline on short haul flights. This is especially true when they have specials on. If you subscribe to their email alerts you can get some excellent deals. The less you pay for an airfare, the more you can spend at your destination or your next holiday. You worked hard for your money so don’t waste it. You can even make it cheaper by using these tips:

1) Bogged Down with Baggage

You don’t have to check the 20kg checked luggage box if you’re on your own. See Frugal First Class Travel’s tips for packing really light and getting away with onboard luggage only! Unless you are stopping at the low cost carrier’s major hub i.e. KL or Bangkok, you will be flying on four sectors to get to your next destination and return. This means you will be paying extra for baggage on four sectors times the number of passengers you are paying for. So if you’re taking your family you really need to consider what your requirements are. Not all of you will need 20kg each. If you pack really light it is possible to need only one 20kg case for a family of four if you are going to a hot destination. If you end up with a tonne of souvenirs and clothes to take back home, then pack a smaller compact bag and take it as on board or pay the extra online before you check in. Check the individual airlines policy on this before you leave.

2) Seat Semantics

Low cost carriers charge for you to pick a seat. $18 per seat per passenger for a family of four flying on four sectors is $288 equates to one night’s accommodation in a very nice hotel or five nights in a family room in a budget hotel with air con. Do you really have to all sit together if push comes to shove? Chances are, if you check in really early you will be seated together anyway. Throw caution to wind and take pot luck. If you bum out then it’s not the end of the world as the flights to Asia aren’t very long. Unless you are travelling with younger children, then forget prebooking your seats.

3) Bank the Booking Fee

Pay by direct credit as booking fees are minimal. Paying by credit card attracts a heavy fee and then you may well also be stung by conversion fees if you’re not concentrating on the correct currency during the booking process.

4) BYO Food

Food is also extra money you don’t need to spend with the airline. Once again, the flights aren’t very long. The old peanut paste sandwich from home never leaves you feeling hungry and muesli bars are a good idea. That way you can splurge on coffee or juice since you can’t bring more than 100ml on board anyway.

5) BYO Entertainment

Don’t pay for the entertainment. Download your favourite book and music on your tablet and your set for a few hours. Older kids will be fine on their ipods and younger children may require a portable DVD.

It takes a lot of careful planning and organising but the savings you make are worth it!